Introducing Bella Soul, UW-Madison Chapter

BS DrawingThe 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Bella Soul, is officially a registered student organization at the University of Wisconsin-Madison!

 Bella Soul’s mission is to provide mental and financial support to college students battling disease or disability. I know before I found Bella Soul, I felt like I didn’t relate to anyone on campus. That’s why Bella Soul’s UW-Madison chapter was formed- to create a social environment for students battling physical ailments. However, the chapter welcomes and encourages all individuals from any background who have an interest in being involved!

As a student org, Bella Soul hopes to build a community for students with disease or disability so they know they’re not alone on campus. It’s a great way for students to get to know fellow Badgers bucky bella soulthat have been in their shoes. Being part of this organization could also be a learning opportunity for those never diagnosed with an ailment to recognize the struggles some students live with every day.

Bella Soul, UW-Madison Chapter will hold community service and fundraising events. The money raised be put toward the not-for-profit Bella Soul’s scholarship fund in order to reward students in need of financial support.

Meetings for this student organization begin fall semester of 2015. Check us out at the student org fair (September 8-9th) for more information, or head to Bella Soul’s page on the Wisconsin Involvement Network website.

For any further questions, tweet me with the handle “@lauren_wilmet.” I hope to hear from you or see you at the org fair!


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