Bella Soul: Providing Scholarships To Those In Need

Bella Soul is the first non-profit organization in the world to support individuals, mentally and financially, living with physical disability, disease, or illness in college.

Applying for scholarships is stressful. There are so many of them and crazy requirements for each one. When I was applying for scholarships in high school to help pay for college, I remember noticing how many there were for students in minority groups. Thinking back today, I never noticed the absence of grants for those struggling with physical illnesses; I am now proud to say that there are scholarships awarded to students battling sickness. Bella Soul is the first organization to provide financial aid to students with physical diseases or disabilities.

Over one billion people in the world are living with a disability. That makes individuals with disabilities the largest minority in the world.

We, students with diseases or disabilities, are a minority as well. We jump over extra hurdles to stay and do well in school. We may not always look like we’re sick, but I think we deserve some recognition for the hardships we work through every day. That’s what the non-profit organization Bella Soul is here to do (and I think that’s pretty cool).

Disability does not just include individuals with visible limitations, but also those living with cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, etc.

Bella Soul’s most recent scholarship has been awarded to a student at Colorado State University; she is soaring through college while waiting for a kidney and being on dialysis. Check out this strong student’s full story here!

If you’re interested in applying for Bella Soul’s next scholarship, like the Bella Soul Facebook page for updates and new information. We can’t wait to hear your story and give you the support you deserve!

Tweet me @lauren_wilmet with any further questions.

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